Sailing holidays in the Caribbeans. hot temperature, palm trees and mojitos!

Sailing holidays in the Caribbeans: beaches for your winter escapes.

Antigua, Tortola and La Martinica: sun and crystal clear water.
You can choose if you want to sail or to relax on a white beach sipping a nice glass of rum and listening to reggae and calypsomusic.

Aboard a sailing holiday in the Caribbeans, jump in the blue and swim with sea turtles and colourful fishes.
Once docked you could walk around little villages admiring the colours and creole architecture. The hinterland is waiting for you with several natural parks in the British Virgin Island, Antilles or in the main islands such as Jamaica, Cuba or Puerto Rico.

Among seven hundred islands you will surely find the one that is perfect for your holidays: Martinica, for example, is a place with a cheerful atmosphere, known for its bays and the kindness of its residents.
So...are you looking for ideas for your sailing holiday? Caribbeans! One of our sailing boats is ready to set sail with you!

Die letzten Segler, die gesegelt haben in Caribbean.
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