Which is the perfect destination for your holidays on a sailing boat if you live in a big city in the Norther part of Italy? Liguria for sure! You can easily reach if in a few hours, so it’s perfect even for a weekend off.
The gulf of La Spezia, also known as the Gulf of the Poets, is protected from all winds so that you can always sail there, even in winter when there’s a sea storm… A real training ground for sailing! And you’ll also have the opportunity to land in Portovenere, the wonderful village special to the poets Byron and Shelley, which is right in front of Palmaria island on the west side of the Gulf.

Those people who visit Liguria on a sailing boat can’t miss Cinque Terre: you can dock your sailing boat in front of Vernazza and then, from there, travel toward Corniglia or Monterosso through a path which is sheer on the waters. Going on toward the west, you can’t miss also Sestri Levante, Santa Margherita most of all the very famous Portofino.

Die letztenSegler, die gesegelt haben in Ligurien.
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