Sailing holidays? Thailand: High spires and turquoise bays, sail in the magical sea of the Far East.

Sailing holidays….Thailand and Gulf of Siam: the exotic charm of the’Indian Ocean

Once landed in the bright and cosmopolitan city of Bangkok or in a tropical paradise such as Phuket, Krabi or Phi Phi Island, you realize that Thailand is a real burst of colours and flavours.
Beaches that shine in the morning light and green water will be the landscape of your trips. Sailing holidays? Thailand: a charming destination with forests, islands and other natural wonders.

Are you looking for an exotic sailing holiday? Thailand: enjoy the tropical colours and the possibility to alternate sailing and many other activities: parasailing, jet sky, snorkeling are only some of the things you can do ashore.
Fun fact: sailing in the water of Koh Jum island is easy to meet funny dugongs digging the seabed in search of food.

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