Fun, sun and sailing holidays: Spain...let’s get the party started!

Nights full of fun, light blue sea and sailing holidays? Spain! You won’t be disappointed.

Sailing holidays in Spain: marvelous beaches, great climate and vibrant nightlife on the Costa Brava.

And if you want to go further you can reach the Balearic Islands of Maiorca, Minorca, Formentera and Ibiza located between Spain and Northern Africa: they are a real slice of heaven with white beaches and several natural parks.

If you think about Spain what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Movida, of course! If you want to visit the Balearic islands you can’t miss the Pacha in Ibiza or the Banana’s & Co. in Formentera.

Spain is the cradle of nightlife but there’s a lot more to explore; it’s up to you. On a sailing boat you can choose to mix fun and relaxation in hidden bays where you can find traditional fishing villages but also well-known cities such as Barcelona and Valencia, or less-known ones likeAlicante and Cartagena.

Die letzten Segler, die gesegelt haben in Spain.
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