Segeln: Liparische Inseln auf einem Segelboot entdecken

A sailing cruise around Aeolian islands will let you discover seven different islands, each one with its specific features: Lipari is the largest of the seven islands, Vulcano is the one with prodigious mud baths, Salina is the most characteristic island, Panarea and its unforgettable nightlife, Stromboli which is an active volcano where you can hike. Alicudi and Filicudi, wild lands surrounded by the waters with an amazing sea bottom.

You will discover the green nature of these islands and have time to taste local products: slushies, fresh seafood skewers and delicious mediterranean spices.

Aeolian islands are the best solution for both families and groups of friends to live a quiet and relaxing sailing cruise or a holiday full of fun, enjoying nightlife and nature.

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