Meet ABSOLUTE Discovery flotillas: exciting itineraries, nature and discovery.

Get in touch with nature, discover landscapes, be amazed.

Sail aboard an ABSOLUTE Discovery flotilla, discover astonishing itineraries in accurately selected locations to make you live the perfect mix among interesting sites, nature, culture, fun and relaxation.

All the cruise details have been defined by our local staff, who tested yachts, routes, anchorages, restaurants, clubs and services to make your holiday truly unique.

Getting aboard an ABSOLUTE Discovery flotilla will give you the chance to swim in crystal-clear waters, but also discover many places and their beauties, make excursions ashore, get amazed by the wonders surrounding you during the whole holiday.

Days will go by among swims, lunches at anchor, getting ashore to discover every hidden treasure the hosting country will offer. Direct contact with nature, the search for exclusive spots and breathtaking views will be a priority, making you live unforgettable emotions.

An ABSOLUTE Discovery flotilla is perfect for travelers aged 30 to 50 years, willing to share a holiday made of sea, sun, nature and emotions with 30 new friends.

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