Last update: June 15 September, 2020

Key terms

Crew Leader: according to this policy, the Crew Leader is defined as a user enabled to list experiences on the platform.

Minimum crew: it’s the minimum number of people that must participate in the Experience in order for it to be Confirmed. This value is defined by the Crew Leader at the time of the creation of the Experience itself.
The Crew Leader may NOT change this number after the listing of the experience, but he/her can confirm it, regardless of the number of people on board.


Confirmed Experience: a Confirmed Experience is an Experience whose departure has been confirmed by the Crew Leader that organizes it who, therefore, commits him/herself to carry it out.

An Experience can be in Confirmed status since its creation, or switch to Confirmed later on. When an Experience that was not previously confirmed switches to Confirmed, all users on board receive an email notification of such change of state.

Note: A Confirmed Experience is up to 70% more likely to receive bookings from user, on the other hand he/she who organizes it is bound to carry it out, regardless of the actual number of people on board at the time of departure

Fees collection and payments

When you organize an Experienceon Sailsquare, you have to define how many people make up the minimum crew - i.e. the minimum number of people on board in order for the Experience to be confirmed and, therefore, commit yourself to carry it out - and how much is the participation fee.

In case you organize an Experience as Crew Leader without a boat of your own, you will also must sign the boat rental contract, both as renter and as a Crew Leader, for the boat used for the Experience or demonstrate to have the full availability of the boat for the length of the Experience. The signing of the contract is a prerequisite in order for the Experience to be confirmed.

Sailsquare is responsible for collecting the individual fees by participants in the Experience on your behalf and turning them to you, after deducting its commission fees, within two working days after the holiday departure.

Please note: A User who makes a reservation for an Experience more than 45 days before the departure date for a total amount of 500 Euros can choose to pay a deposit amount of 30% of the share value and pay the balance within 30 days from the departure date.

Renouncement by the Crew Leader

Unconfirmed Experience

If, for some reason, you are forced to cancel an Experience that you’ve planned and this Experience it’s not Confirmed - you can cancel the Experience at any time without having to pay any penalty.

Confirmed Experience

If for some serious reason, you are forced to cancel an Experience that you are organizing, and this experience has already been Confirmed, you must notify us immediately. In such cases Sailsquare will cancel the Experience and return users the fees they have paid.
Anyway, you will be charged Sailsquare commissions on collected fees up to that point.

Renouncement by a user

*** Update 15 September 2020 - COVID-19 ***

By temporary way of derogation to the policies regulating cancellation and refund:

1. Users who are unable to reach the place of embarkation due to regulations issued either by their Country or the Country the place of embarkation belongs to can ask for the cancellation of their reservation and will be entitled to full refund of the paid share, even if the Experience is already Confirmed.

2. Users who make a reservation for an Experience between April, 7 2020 and December 31, 2020 with a departure date before January 31, 2021 can ask for the cancellation of the reservation. If the cancellation request is made at least 30 days before the departure date, the Users will be entitled to a full refund of the paid share, even if the Experience is already Confirmed.


If a user opt out of an Experience earlier confirmed, the fees paid by the user will be retained and will be turned to you, together with the other collected fees. In exchange, you agree to keep the Experience as Confirmed.
If, however, the experience was not confirmed, Sailsquare will refund the user its paid fees.

In the event that the User has chosen the instalments payment scheme for the Experience and he/she does not pay the balance within due date, his/her reservation will be cancelled, and the associated spots will be available to be reserved again on the platform. In this case, the deposit amounts already collected will still be paid to you, net of platform commission fees.